Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I am strong!

So last night at one point, I just about threw in the towel.  Honestly.  But I didn't........

....and it wasn't the towel related to the running that was attempting to do....it was THE BIG TOWEL...on this clean living, healthy living lifestyle I'm trying to make my new "normal."

Here I was - an overweight, out of shape woman who suddenly decides "this is it!"  I know that there will be bumps on the road.  But last night, it looked like a brick wall - that was, oh, about 50 feet high!???

At the Learn to Run group last night we were doing 2 x 1.  Six of them.  I was terrified.  Seriously.  So off we went.  Lucky for us, the thunder storms and downpours that were around all day and evening stopped for an hour while we were out!  Great....our leader had said that if the rain didn't stop, we weren't running.  So off we go.  First set - okay, out of breath, checked the body parts, yup, I'm still alive.  The second one is where it got ugly......it was one of those slow, gradual inclines - awful (our leader apologized later for taking this route - it had been unintentional).....so we're getting close to the end of the second running part and I decide, THAT'S IT, I'M A FAILURE, I WANT TO CRY.  But I carried on.

Walk a minute.....

Off we go on the third one.......I decide, nope, I'm going to walk, and walk straight back to my car and never, ever, ever, ever come back again.

Then something happened - I got a helping hand - one of the other runners (not a new runner) came up to me and cheered me on and slowed her pace a bit and got me through it.....and the fourth one.....and by the fifth and sixth, I was okay!  Seriously okay!  I actually laughed when I finished.

I am strong........I have incredible internal strength - this I have known for quite a long time.

I am strong........I just need to believe that I am physically stronger than I give myself credit for........

I can do this!


  1. Older runners supporting newer runners is what it's all about - love reading this, and big kudos to you for keeping it going, even when it got tough!

    1. Thanks Shelley - that means a lot coming from you!