Monday, April 8, 2013

First Week Crushing It! Recap

Kind of an odd blog post title, eh?

Well, some of you may know that I post on the WW (Canada) GDT (General Daily Thread) on a regular basis.  I've recently joined a group there who is tracking everything we eat/sleep/move/do on My Fitness Pal.  It's an increadibly diverse group with a common theme and desire - to Crush It! - and it's been our Mantra of late.

So, quick recap of the last week looks something like this:

Start - Saturday, March 30 - 177.8

I ate "as clean as I could" for the first few days and really hit my stride by Monday - the first of April - or the day for April Fools!  Yup, that's me, the April Fool!   Anyhoo, I've been doing the cleanse, eating clean, and introduce exercise to the mix......quite a lot of formal exercise compared to the recent past and add to that farm/garden clean-up.  I've been physically active - very physically active.  So my weight went down, and I had a few blips, and back down, and another blip, then came Saturday.......yeah, Sunday's weight (yesterday) wasn't the greatest.  I managed to get back down close to my lowest weight last week by this morning.  Nice thing is - I just know that after Saturday's aerobithon (six 45 minute workout sessions - more on that later), that I'd be retaining water in my sore muscles. 

First WI - April 8 - 173.6 - that's -3.2 in one week.  Colour me HAPPPPPPY!

So, what's in store for week 2?

Exactly what I did in week 1 - clean eating, planned exercise, and lots of movement.


Update and my preliminary thoughts on the BodyMedia Link.  Wow, I just love this little thing!  I wear it up to about 22 hours per day (yes I sleep in it and I don't feel it at all!).  It's been synching with MFP to track my calories (and what I eat) as well as tracked workouts, adds/deducts calories for daily life itself, tracks how I sleep (it's amazing - shows every time I wake up, even if it's just for a minute), and acts as a pedometer.

My pedometer readings look like this for the past four days:

Thursday - 9266 steps
Friday - 8616 steps
Saturday - 20,271 - yes, that's twice the 10K steps I was aiming for!
Sunday - 13, 926 - yes, I was busy working outdoors.

It's really keeping me thinking about what goes in mouth, whether I'm moving enough (ie today I'm at my desk and sitting in meetings most of the day - I know I need to go to the mailroom, or walk to the cafeteria to fill up my water bottle, or something.......just to get that movement in).


Tonight is run club - 2 x 1 intervals (not sure how many).  Also not sure if I'm up to running 2 minutes straight.  My next thought, as I start to panic as I'm typing this, is - what if 1 minute isn't enough recovery time and I die out there?

Tonight's temperature - +10C-ish.  Much better than the near freezing temps of last week......and freaking rain - a lot of rain.  I have my raincoat and a baseball cap to keep the rain off my face, so I should be fine, but I'd be happier if we were doing something I was more familiar with.  Longer distance in inclement weather scares me!???

Anyhoo, will report back tomorrow.....if I survive?!

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