Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Workout Success!

I did it!

Monday - day 1 - cardio at the gym! It was awesome - honest.

Tuesday - walk around campus like chicken without a head......

Today - workout at home - I have the house to myself and want to reorganize my workout "stuff." More likely to get used that way,eh?

Totally on track with food and feeling very in control!

I'm in a happy place today!


  1. Hello Sunshine! Great to hear from you. First of all thank you for stopping by my blog. Secondy - fantastic job on the workouts and the healthy eating. You are the woman! It's the best feeling when you are in control like that. I've been having a blah week, but I'm turning it around today and focusing on all of the good around me. Thanks for the positivity!

    I love the title of your blog by the way.

  2. Am following you here and on group...its great that you doing so well...