Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 Review and Week 2 Plan

So, I did it. Finished week 1, tracked all week, walked all week, drank water all week (not enough for my body, but enough for WW), took my vitamins, hit all 8 healthy guidelines and managed to lose a whopping 1.1 lbs.

Not too bad.

Week 2 - started yesterday - continued heavy cleaning and decluttering around the house, you know the kind where all the appliances get moved back, scrubbed around and put back? Yup, that kind. Spent the best part of 3 hours working around the house and finally got the Christmas decorations packed up and put back into the storage room at my MIL's house.

Today's breakfast, lunch and snacks are packed - about to go to WW on line and track them. I have my vitamins lined up on my desk, I have my water bottle on the go (about to to refill it), and most importantly, I have my gym bag packed and in the van - not going home right after work, going to the gym!

So, this is great! DSO is picking the two youngest up after their volleyball and basketball practices after school today, has supper already planned (gotta love a farmer in the winter when he's off work!), so I'm getting ALL of the support I need at home to look after me - pretty cool, eh?

Stay tuned - today is a cardio workout (treadmill and bike).

Have an awesome day!

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  1. Here we go into week two, which reminds me i have to get my butt over to the gym and move from this computer!!