Monday, January 3, 2011 house, my office, and my mind!

Throw out the clutter, organize what you need......ahhhh, feeling better already.

I'm spending January's extra time purging my life. Throwing out, sending boxes and boxes of stuff we don't need to GoodWill, and decluttering everything - my head included!

What better way than to throw out unwanted weight along with it! Along with the weight will also be going bad eating habits, buying my lunch instead of packing it, and the lackadaisical attitude I have towards working out and taking care of me.

First - no more WW meetings for me. They just don't motivate me. I do very well on-line and I love joining I have done just that. Easter Challenge ends on April 3rd and I will rock that one! It will bring me close to my first goal of 150 lbs.......then I vow that BEFORE July 1st, I will hit my all-time goal of 142. That's 30.4 lbs from where I sit today and I WILL DO IT!

I am going to be doing WW on-line, as I mentioned before and have already planned my APs for the next two weeks. This involves the pool at work two lunchtimes per week, the gym after work two days per week and my favourite torturer, Jillian Michaels and her 30 Day Shred 3 days per week. I've decided I'd like to restart C25K, so after the first, say two weeks of my new schedule, I'll flip some of my gym workouts over to C25K. I have some podcasts already downloaded for the first two I'm ready....and I'm off!

Tracking is going is day 2....again.....

Off for a 30 minute brisk walk in the cold, but sunny day outside.

Have an awesome day my friends!

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