Monday, February 20, 2012

Life is Good!

I find myself feeling really gooooood today. It's cold outside, but it's an absolutely gloriously sunny morning out there.

Why am I so happy? Because today is THE day! Yes, today is the day or date that I picked to reboot 17DDieting, commitment to working out, and generally looking after me again. I game myself a week after my latest vacation in Florida to get back into the groove at work, get unpacked, get organized at home.......and I feel so great for having given myself the time to do this. Good plan apparently!

I've been chugging lemon/lime water for 2 days now and it's starting to take away some of the bloat.

My start weight (yesterday) was 168.9. NOT great....but it's a number and I won't let a number dictate who I am. I ate ridiculous foods yesterday - that's okay - and with water and more veggies, I lost .4.

So, I looked back through my journal this morning - I did a half-assed attempt at the 17DD starting last February 28th (that would be 2011). I had no kitchen when I started, so that was a hindrance.....but I managed, with a lot of starts & stops, to get down to 159 by November. So I regained half of what. I have a plan.

Tomorrow - first day back at the gym
Wednesday - hair-i-tude adjustment
Thursday - gym
Friday - treadmill at home
Saturday - not sure yet
Sunday - gym


UPDATE! My wonderful friend and trainer wrote this on FB yesterday....I just found it a few minutes ago.....was she writing this to me? Possibly?! Was she expressing herself? Again, maybe?! It's so good though, so I'm sharing it (hope you don't mind Miss S):

You're right. It's easier to eat pizza then to run on the treadmill. It's easier to turn to ice cream rather than people for supporters. It's easier to say "F*ck it, I give up" then to say "F*ck this, I can do it." So you know what? I'm not going to sit here and try and convince you day after day that you CAN do this. If you don't believe you can, then you can't. That's the honest truth. Believe in yourself, you need to do this for you. If you don't want it bad enough, then you sure as hell won't achieve it. So take the easy way out and remain unhealthy and continue to gain weight because you can't realize you are the only one hurting yourself. I didn't say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.

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