Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 5 - and inspired!

I just read a very inspiring blog - Heather's story can be found here. Thank you Helen for suggesting reading it!

I too have found that through starts and stops for so many years on what I originally thought was a weight-loss journey, that's really the whole package - an entire lifestyle change.

Not sure if I've ever written this before, and maybe I can find some photos sometime to share with you. I wasn't always heavy. In fact I was underweight for most of my life - until after my first daughter was born. Which meant that I spent 30+ years of my life being active, when I felt like it, eating well, again when I felt like it, because no matter what I ate or did, I was always underweight.

Reality now is that through stress of raising kids, getting divorced, working full time while balancing life on the farm with a blended family, well, I have never come first and my bad eating habits, along with slower metabolism, have won.....I am doing everything I can NOW to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Added to this, the love of my life quit smoking 13 weeks and 5 days ago.....he's been smoking since he was in his late teens and is now 51.........need I say more. He's doing well, but still struggling with cravings, horrible cravings, and is learning, himself, how to handle a team for the past week, we've both been working together to be more active and to eat healthier. So, basically, this means that this is the first time since I started WW and trying to lose weight 6 or 7 years ago that he's supporting me through his actions. We've agreed that we will be walking in the evenings when the weather allows - other days he's hitting the treadmill at home, and I'm hitting the gym.


One small frustration for me is that I've been on the 17DD for 4 days now and for some reason I've now gained .9 of a lb from where I started on Monday?! excuse me?

So, apparently, Tuesday's pancakes had a BIG impact on me.....and I'm all-the-more focused on getting back and STICKING with clean eating. Today's menu looks like this:

Coffee with half and half and .5tsp sugar (I've reduced it by half)
B - 2 eggs, evoo, tomatoes and green onions
S - yogurt
L - baked veggies with chicken meat balls
S - yogurt and berries
D - not sure yet, but likely fish with grilled veggies

Working out at the gym today after work
Minimum 12 cups of water

Official WI is Monday, so I've got plenty of time to turn this around!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Keep on keepin' on, my friend. You're making great changes that are beneficial to your health. Hang in there; the weight will come.

    Good plan for the weekend!