Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 9 ...

So, I'm kind of stressed. Yeah, I know, I've mentioned it before. I have work stress, I have teenage dram-o-rama stress.....what parent of teens doesn't? Well, today, I'm going for a hearing test as I've lost a lot of the hearing in my right ear over the past 2 years - enough that if I sleep on my left side I sometimes don't hear my alarm. Alarming! After the hearing test, I'm going for a consult with the surgeon.....what I'm stressed about is what he's going to tell me. My mother and her mother (and now my younger sister possibly) all have/had profound hearing loss....inoperable hearing loss. Degenerative hearing loss....my mother has lost 80% of her hearing in one side and 70% on the other.

Workouts! I worked out 4 out of 7 days last week and went for a walk on one other day. My trainer has had me doing drop sets.....wow is all I can say - I can do THAT? Really? I never dreamed.....but I'm doing it....and I have the sore leg muscles to prove it. We've started focusing a bit more on upper body work as well.....and I'm doing my homework - abs at home!

Eating - well, I've been eating clean for 8 full days (except for the pancakes of course).....and, well, likely TMI, but I'm sure I'm not alone out there....um, my metabolism is sluggish. I've had this problem on and off for years - oh, so does my mom and my other sis (gotta love genetics?!)....so I did what my sis suggested and bought a container of Benefibre..........waiting!

Still 17DDieting

B - 2 eggs, evoo, peppers, onions
S - yogurt and berries
L - chicken breast and roast veggies
S - yogurt
D - not sure yet

Water....gallons of it!

Today working on making it through a gazillion meetings and then off to hear/listen to what the doc has to say!


  1. ((HUGS)) Stress is brutal. I hope the doctor has better news for you than you're expecting.

    Genes do suck! My Dad has a metabolism to envy; my Mom, not so much. What do I get? Mom's genes, of course!

  2. I have got the bad genes from my family too. My mother's family has no overweight problems, my dad's family does. Guess which genes I inherited :)

    Seems you're doing great on the 17 day diet.

    Hope you got good news about your hearing.