Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

It's "middle of the week" day! Makes me wonder, though if it's only a four-day work week, which day is really considered the middle? I know for a fact that yesterday was Tuesday, according to the calendar, but quite frankly it certainly felt much more Monday-ish around here.

Last night, I ate almost two pancakes. I didn't need more than that, so I stopped about 3/4 of the way through the last one. End results: I feel fine mentally that I ate them (they were pre-planned), I feel a bit bloated (but that's okay because I stopped when I was full and didn't push to finish them), and I did workout and had a perfect day otherwise on the food/water/exercise front. See, my head is in the right space!

Today Day 3 of the 17 Day Diet and clean eating:

B - 2 eggs, evoo, yellow bell pepper, onion, mushrooms
S - yogurt
L - BAS with tuna
S - yogurt with berries
D - baked veggies with chicken meatballs

Minimum 8 glasses of water (I'm already almost finished #2)
Hair-i-tude Adjustment at 5pm - cannot wait - I'm looking a bit scraggly

....and HOMEWORK! Yes, my trainer has given me homework! So 100 crunches - 5 different types of ab exercises, 20 reps each.

Work is still very, very busy. I'm working on lestening the stress by keeping my head in the right place.

That's it! See you tomorrow :)

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  1. You rock. Keep at it. I will hold your hand :)