Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 4 and Holding Strong!

Thought I'd caught my stepson's cold this morning when I woke up.....hoping I was wrong - do not have time nor presence of mind to get sick right now!

Day 3 went very well - ate according to plan, didn't get enough water, did my abwork homework - ouch! 100 crunches!

Day 4 -
B - 2 eggs, evoo, peppers, onions
S - yogurt
L - baked veggies and tuna
S - yogurt and berries
D - baked veggies and chicken meatballs

12 cups of water likely...if not more
Going to the gym tonight - upper body workout with some legs thrown in for good measure

Feeling like my energy level is coming back up which is awesome!

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