Monday, October 3, 2011

Life is turning an amazing corner

Just had to share! I have a plan! I have a goal! I have found some motivation! Now, onto the execution portion ......

Strangely enough, my trainer, who as you already may have figured out that I absolutely adore, has decided to run a challenge for her clients......did I ask for this? Nope. Did she read my mind - apparently YES!

I have a very strict, but inclusive diet to follow - all clean eating, which my body LOVES!
I have a commitment to hit the gym 3 times per week and have her kick my backside!
I have a commitment to do something physical 3 other days per week for at least an hour.....oh, and my youngest daughter who will be on this journey with me!

I'm feeling strong!
I'm feeling in control!

Awesome.....considering how dreary, cool and wet it is outside of my window at the office!

I have goals! One for my birthday in November, one for my DSO's birthday in December, and one for the holidays. Watch out world.............! I'm ready, are you?

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