Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving....and a bit of mind clutter!

You know when you weigh yourself regularly and see the number on the scale slowly go down? Great, right? A fantastic feeling of accomplishment,, my home scale says 160.......six or seven months ago, it said 178 (or maybe even a bit more).....THAT was NOT great.

So, as I said, I'm back at the gym, watching what I eat, making wise choices for what goes into my mouth........and feeling like I'm wrestling back to being in control. Again, great. HOWEVER, with this new challenge I'm doing at the gym, I weigh in there on Tuesdays after work..........what I HATE is that this particular scale says 167.2. I know, weight fluctuates from morning to afternoon. I know that one scale won't necessarily say the same thing as the other. I also know that weighing nekkie first thing in the morning vs. at the end of a day sitting at my desk will skew things as well.......but it makes me sad......

So I'm turning the sad into mad and am going to make my gym scale go down.....down, down, and down some more.......not just the number that it says that I weight, but also the body fat index.......which is also NOT my friend.....yet, anyway.

So, turning negative energy into something positive is my focus for October!.....well, that and takin' the scales DOWN!


It's Thanksgiving Day in Canada today......I'm at my office, trying to catch up on things....and taking a few moments for myself as well. Saturday was my daughter's 21st birthday celebration at our house - I cooked all was great fun! Yesterday, we celebrated the end of harvest with our farm workers.....amen to the end of most of the farm work for this season.

I'm thankful for my kids (all of my kids!), I'm thankful for my health, and I'm very thankful for my DSO. I'm grateful every day that I live on a farm in one of the most beautiful parts of the country......and that this country we live in is nurturing and caring.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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