Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dreary Wednesday and Some Mind Clutter

I'm in "declutter" mode.....everywhere - at home, at the why not here too?

I feel like I'm in the middle of a great standing on the side of a cliff waiting for the next move......not sure whose move, exactly, but I'm standing here, patiently waiting. (no I'm not going to jump off!!!!! but might repel down?)

As I have mentioned before, I have a double life........I am an administrator at a university - I have big shoes to fill....lots of expectations and I find this part of my life very stimulating and satisfying. My alter-ego is a farm-wife/partner........although it's my partner's job to do the actual farming, I do the bookwork, the HR, and marketing for one of our offshoots - the corn/veggie business. While this is a dream come true for me on so many levels, it's quite honestly physically draining..........completely physically draining.....which brings me back to the cliff!

This year, for the first time ever......I can honestly say that I am so completely mentally and physically drained, that I have found it very difficult to come to my office and be productive. I'm doing what needs to be done, but my heart isn't into it. My heart is not into finishing off year-end for the farm(s) and turning the page on that either.

So, that's why I'm decluttering.........I have a lovely pad of paper that two sisters who worked at the veggie stand gave me this summer.....time to take off the wrapper. I'm going to make an office crap list, a farm office crap list, and most importantly a "me" crap list........and throw them off the cliff once I've checked my items off!

Two items that will STAY on my list is my workouts at the gym and eating clean foods....those are NOT going to be purged!

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