Monday, October 17, 2011

Bring on the Sunshine!

So, we tend to take the lovely days of summer, even Indian Summer, for granted. Well, after coming out of 5-6 days of straight dreary, rainy, cold days, this morning's sunshine is so welcome - even if I am in my office!

It makes me feel's a hope that I can feel inside.......

Okay, back to the daily grind.

I packed an awesome lunch today - yesterday I pre-made chicken/turkey meatballs so that my DD and I can have them for our supper tonight as well as lunch tomorrow (for me anyway) - the guys are having roast beast, which neither she nor I care much for.

I brought my new awesome pink water bottle into the office today - and will wash out another new one (3-pack!) for the gym tonight.

I went to the gym yesterday and yet again did an incredible leg workout. Tonight after work, my DD and I are going to the gym - I'm dropping her off at her gym, and then going to do a cardio workout at mine.

I'm also going to start writing in my journal again today (see, Miss S, I told you I would!).....and tracking my moods, thoughts and other mind well as my food intake.

The scale is stuck.....I have been partially responsible for this because of what went into my face yesterday while at MIL's. Moving on from that.........I am bound and determine to get healthier, feel better, and get stronger!

I want to leave 2011 as the year that "I finally got it!" and I still have some months to go to make that my reality.

Clean eating menu for today:
Coffee w/ 1tsp 1/2-1/2 and 1 tsp sugar (my one indulgence)
B 2 egg with evoo
S yogurt (yes, Miss S, it's FF!) and raspberries
L BAS and chicken meatballs
S celery & 2T hummus
D grilled veggies and more chicken meatballs

Water, water, water, and more water.....going to refill zee bottle right now.

Have an awesome Monday!


  1. Great work Laura!
    Thank you for your comment and support Laura. The beginning stages have been good just different. There was only one day where I felt like I just couldn't eat but that has now ended and we have a few new dinner ideas. I know that once I get to stage 2 it will be better because there is more options ;-).

  2. Hai Laura, saw a comment of you on Syl's blog and thought I'd check yours out. So here I am. See you are doing the 17 day diet too, always interested in that.