Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amazing Leg Workout!!!! ....and the 17DD

Have I told all of you that I love my trainer? She makes working out fun......I laugh, I groan, sometimes I might utter bad words or call her nasty names....but she just R*O*C*K*S!

Yesterday - hmmmmm.....WI at the gym was a STS - guess that part rings true as it was a STS at home too. I can and will do better this week. (note to self - don't eat pizza.....especially not the night before WI).

Depending on how you look at it, I could say that I had the worst leg workout ever yesterday, but honestly, it was amazing! Wickedly challenging, amazing because - I AM GETTING STRONGER! My head was totally in the game yesterday....the bug I'd been getting over the past weeks seems to be gonzo (phew!).....and I was able to push, push, and push!

Felt like a million bucks as I made my way home!

Repeat of the same for me tomorrow!


17DD update - I'm finally on cycle 2 - here's my menu for yesterday and today:

Coffee (my one indulgence or I get a massive headache!)
B – Yogurt, raspberries, banana
S – BAS (big-@ssed salled) with some tuna – part 1
L – part 2 of S1
S – 10 almonds and protien shake (pre-workout)
D – grilled salmon and stir-fried veggies with EVOO
Lots of Water

CoffeeB – 2 eggs, evoo, pico de gallo
S – banana
L – BAS with chicken breast
S – yogurt & berries
D – left-over salmon and veggies
Lots of water again!

I have to find something physical to do today............

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