Friday, April 1, 2011

Boy did that feel great!

I went to the gym yesterday. I haven't been in a long time. I decided it was going to be a cardio day. I thought the treadmill would likely kill me. It didn't! I'm not as totally gone as I thought I was! 30 minutes treadmill (ridiculous incline too) and 25 minutes on the bike! ...and I've asked one of the trainers (someone had recommended her) to work with me to develop a good training program for me......stay tuned on that one! Now, on the 17DD front, I'm holding my own. Eating clean foods really does agree with me! Oh, and I have to tell you all that Spring must be here (temperatures say otherwise, mind you)....I saw a great blue heron on my drive home last night. Standing on the side of a pond I see him at a lot of the summer......likely saying "What the heck? ICE? I came back here for ICE?"

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