Friday, April 8, 2011

17DD - Cycle 1, Day 12

So, quick fly-by post. But I wanted to let you know that I'm sticking with it! I'm down 7 lbs (since Monday - holding steady).....and I took my measurements again this morning: Bust -1.5" Rib cage -1" Waist -2" Hips -1" Butt -2.5" Energy levels are awesome. Sleeping so very, very well. More later


  1. Good to hear you on day 12 and going well...I am on day 5 today and lost a little in the 5 days ( 1.5lbs )
    So hoping for 4.4 lbs by the time I'm at 17days.

  2. Hello there
    Re- comment in my blog
    I think my running this last week speaks for itself how my energy levels have been as I've done more miles this week in 6 months... am a little flat....I have been trying to clean the floors for hours now had feel energy less, like I have hit a wall....this evening am going for a run with my neighbor, so will see how I manage, that will be a good test.
    I sleep well, not really a problem for me.
    I was honestly expecting more of a loss ~ so will give the last 10 days my all....and then going back to my usual way of eating.

  3. Hi there Sunshine! I saw your comment over at Sunshine Mama's blog and saw you are down 7 pounds!!! Way to go! You are totally kicking some butt. I hope you are feeling great about yourself and starting to enjoy this nicer weather rolling in. Happy Spring and take care.