Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WW Meeting Today

I'm feeling on top of the world - -.4 this week at WI, which means 3 solid losses in a row (-1.6, -1, -.4)....and I feel IN CONTROL for once in ages.

Continuation of this feeling has lead me to great success in the past, and will lead me there again this time. WW leader and I sat down and we've established a -1 goal for the next six weeks.....which will mean 167.2 by September 28th - I say I can do better....and am aiming for -10 or 163.2!

Anyone care to kick my backside if I need it? Line starts here............


  1. Great job Laura, those are definately attainable goals!

  2. Nice work! Your determination is inspirational (and contagious).