Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why not!?

WOW, I come back from vacation and back to blogging regularly at lunchtime at work and find that Ms Bitchcakes has transformed herself into this radiant woman who is very proud of herself! She reached GOAL! Her smile is radiating....intoxicating.....and I want some of that to rub on me.

So I thought....why NOT me too? Seriously. Other than laziness, and business, there's no reason I can't find my own success as well.

I started a course of anti-biotics last night, so as soon as my energy level is back again - I too will put exercise first on my list of priorities and execute.

There's no reason not to get up earlier each morning and get a workout in. I will be going back to the gym after corn season is over, but WHY NOT work out at home now? I have the tools.....I have the knowledge.....heck I even have two "at home" workouts that my former trainer, Susan, made out for me. So WHY NOT?

No more - I'll do it more - I'll do it later.

Taking back control, putting things in order will lead me to where I need to be.

I did go back to WW meetings yesterday - 174.6 - which is down 2.8 since June 22nd. Nothing to sneeze at....I'll take it!

I'm back to tracking on WW on-line again and will stick with it.

Hope you're all having an awesome summer! I am

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