Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, Monday

So many things to be done, so little time to do them - living and working on a farm, while working full-time off the farm, while having 3 teenagers and trying to have a life all at the same time will do that to you!

All about me - C25K - yes, I keep mentioning that, don't I? Well, my best friend in the whole world came from Montreal for the weekend so I didn't quite get to that - but I did get caught up on a few things around the house (she's awesome company while I declutter!). I got caught up on some bookwork for the farm as well. I got a chance to chat up a storm and generally get caught up on a few things and I feel, well, better.

C25K - right, back at that. Either tonight, or more likely tomorrow morning, first thing. I have decided what kind of stretching (dynamic AND static) I will do before/after. Then shower, then hot tub.....that should help keep my not-so-close friend Art(hritis) under control.

Then Jillian - the woman I LOVE to hate. Back at my time with her on September 1st. 30 days Shred.....a few times per week.

Monday - Saturdays will include C25K and Shredding.....and generally getting my @ss back into some sort of reasonable shape.

Things to motivate/look forward to:

1. First and foremost is a HUGE secret that I can't share with any of you yet. I will when the time is right - I've waited sooooooooo long for this.........stay tuned.
2. My first 5k will be on October 3rd with my friends Leanne and Stacey in London...OMG, I'm actually going to do this?!
3. My sister's wedding on October 9th.
4. My SECOND, yes, SECOND 5k on October 23rd...decided to trade in my tower climbing for a running excursion instead....again with Leanne, Mouseroo, Tara, and I hope PRM and a few other lovely ladies in Toronto.
5. My 50th birthday in November - WOW! What better motivation than to start the second half of my life on the right track! Taking care of MOI!

Seriously, have begun tracking my food and activity again on WW on-line. Will continue this. Have also decided to post on my blog more often with my accomplishments! AND.....back to writing in my journal, taking my measurements, and writing down my feelings.....

STAY TUNED.......this woman is a work in progress................


  1. Hi Sunshine! I wanted to stop on by after visiting Sunshine Mama. I saw that you were getting ready to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I completed that myself and it is a good program. There will be days you just don't feel like doing it, but the excercises really help you feel good. I did notice a difference at the end of the 30 days. I actually took 32 days to complete it. (2 days were spent being lazy = )

    I just read you are doing your first 5k too! That is awesome. You can do it! Glad to hear you have some friends that will be with you to help support you. I will be running in a 5k on September 11th. I live in Baltimore and the start of the race is right at the fire station. Just remember to pace yourself. I've found that when you first start you are anxious to go fast, but you can poop yourself out!

    I wanted to say hi and say good work! Sounds like you are doing great.

  2. Thanks for signing on to the 10 week challenge.

    I'm excited that you have those 5K's planned. Having them spaced out like that really helps you to keep your focus.

    I'm glad to be sharing the whole journaling what we eat experience with you and SunshineMeg. I really enjoy encouraging and the encouragement!

    When is your birthday in November? I'm due Nov. 2, but my guess is that he'll come some time after that, though, I'd like him to come sooner.:)

    My b-day is Oct. 14. Talk later!!