Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Accountability matters!

So my best friend in the whole world came to visit last weekend - we ate well, but we at LOTS.

Accountability - didn't track, knew I had blown it, but I did focus on fresh clean foods (and there might have been some alcohol involved at some point).

Went to my WW meeting on Tuesday, even though I knew my Wi would be a disaster - +1.6. Okay, so I'm here, I'm writing about it, and I'm back on track and resisting the urge to go buy some nasty thing at Tim Horton's. Maybe just a coffee.......

So, I'm here, I'm posting about it, and I'm putting it behind me and am back on track.


  1. Accountability is always key. Dust off the crumbs and move on.

    And stay away from the Tim's counter. That stuff is not food.

  2. Just keep writing it down. Even if you have to estimate. You can do it!!