Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two 5Ks - Back to Back this Weekend!

I am not a runner due to osteoarthritis. Finally acknowledging that I will never be a runner....I've tried many times but invariably after a week, or several weeks, I start paying the price with my hips/spine/ankle and it's just not worth it.

I will; however, support both Linsey and Syl this weekend in their 5Kms and walk with them on Saturday and Sunday!

Sneak peek at the scale this morning shows that following WW consistently, even for a short period of time, actually works! Who'd have thunk it!?


  1. That is admirable! Congrats to you for getting out there and for supporting your pals. You are awesome and I love ya! xoxo


  2. At first I thought YOU were running the 5Ks! Those two are lucky to have you cheering them on! What fun this will be.

    I cheered my brother on last weekend when he finsished his half marathon. It made me wish I was running in some race or something. The energy is contagious!

    Have fun!