Monday, May 3, 2010

I was late for work today....

....on purpose. I got on the bathroom scale this morning......I haven't been on it in about a told me the truth. 173 (no decimals). It hasn't shown me to be over 168 since first I couldn't believe it....I moved it across the floor and tried again, but invariable, there it was.


Reality check......yes, I have regained a lot of weight in a short period of time....okay, maybe only 8 lbs, but in 2.5 months? NOT good.

THUD! That's me smacking myself upside the head. I knew I was eating out of control....I knew it. I didn't seem to care.


I'm owning the 173....and I have planned and tracked ALL food intake for the next 3 days. Will stay 2-3 days ahead of the game to ensure I have what I need in the fridge.

Yesterday, when I went into the grocery store, I consciously shopped around the perimeter of the store. I had a list of things I needed from the internal parts of the store (flour, sugar, cereal) and I stuck to the list like it was a lifeline.

1L down the hatch already.....lemon/lime slices in my purple water bottle to make it that much more appealing....

....I was late for work because I decided to STOP what I was doing midlessly and sit down and make a plan.

I have now tracked my food for today, planned my exercise and I'm offffffff...........on my way to a successful weight-loss and a healthy body!

Off for a 30 minute walk around campus in a few minutes......will be doing my favourite journey - hills and stairs!

Tonight - gardening is on deck.....a gazillion WW APs in that.....I'm expanding one of my flower beds which means lots of shovelling and digging and hauling dirt in the wheelbarrow.

Later gators!

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