Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The NEW ME in June!

Okay, many many things on the go right now.

Folks at home are grouchy - my step son came home yesterday after being at his mom's for five days and the attitude and mouth on him......after grounding him from everything under the sun (ie every time he opened his mouth it was another smart-alleck remark or a dis of some sort), I told him that I didn't understand what his problem was, but that ugly-attitude kid who was in our house a few months ago was NOT welcome to come back ever and that he could just leave the house and go for a walk and come back as the nice kid that we all have come to like over the past two months........NO idea where it came from, and NO intention of putting up with any of it. Truly it just made me tired! Lucky for me this time, his sister was a witness to the mouthing off, and when I mentioned it to his dad this morning, I didn't freak out about it, I just talked about it and then left it alone. That's something I'm learning how to do these days - walk away if I start getting stressed.....and have a zero tollerance for bad attitudes from everyone....I warn 'em, then I walk. Guess it's still bugging me a bit though because if it wasn't, I wouldn't be writing about it now!

Anyhoo, the job......yes, well......Friday, I heard unofficially that I have it.....but just wasn't going to let myself get excited about it...been there, done that before and not interested in getting excited and falling on my face a few days later. Yesterday, I finally heard from HR that they will be checking my references this afternoon, so I'm starting to get a bit excited about things....just a bit right now though.....because again......

My new potential boss is someone I work with a bit already, so I'm not going into a new position completely blind....however, there were a few issues that came up over the past week or so that made me think I needed to rethink my whole idea! So now, I'm comfortable because this new person I'd be working for is bending over backwards to fix/do everything I'd mentioned to him as being something we might need to discuss! What a wonderful welcoming feeling! However, still not going to go overboard with excitement......because I don't want to jinx anything! Should have a final answer tomorrow, I hope....then, watch out!

Now, back to the WW front and my lack of success of late. Well, if I look back over this whole job experience, over the past six months, my current job has been iffy at best, now that it's been secured for another six years, it's still a concern to me. This alternate job came up about 2 months ago...actually a bit more than that now.....and the first interview was 4 weeks ago....the second interview 2 weeks ago - they are so freakin' slow! So, I know that underlying stress has been part of my problem.

I've also noticed just recently that I seem to have developed rosacea on my face. I'm NOT happy about that at all........haven't had time to get into figuring out why, but yesterday I had one of those "aha!" moments - so I did some research and found out that my IUD, which I've had about 18 months, has been working a charm for the past 4 or 5 months (as in keeping TOM under control).....and it was right about that time that I started gaining weight (I've gained 16 lbs since Christmas) and that the rosacea has surfaced.....hmmmmmmmmm...............so I'm now going to take the month of June to cleanse my body - inside and outside.......unfortunately I'll be taking a truck-load of antihistamines during this time, but as far as food/water/no alcohol is concerned, I'm going to focus on clean eating and pre-planning of my meals. No more crazy carbs, cheese, and other stuff that makes me gain....going to make sensible clean eating choices instead and see where that gets me. 30 days is a perfect amount of time to give it to see if any changes are going to take place. 30 days is a perfect start to a perfect weight-loss journey.

Yesterday - .5 over my daily points, 7 glasses of water, all veggies and fruits, forgot my vitamins, and did 30 minutes of hard physical work on the gardens when I got home.
Today - working a longer day at the office, but when I get home, I'm planning on grilling some chicken breast, making a big salad, steaming some asparagus and that will be supper. I'm also planning on 30 more hard physical minutes in the garden, and then I'm taking a page out of my friend Syl's life and I'm going to saddle up my horse and spend some time doing something physical that is just for me! Food for today is already planned and tracked, vitamins are on board and already down 1L of water.

Check in tomorrow to see how I did!


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  1. I'm not going to congratulate you because I don't want to jinx it but I will say
    Good luck with your June goals my friend, you can do it!