Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No update....yet!?

Here we are, Wednesday already and still no clue how things are going on the job front.....HR finally spoke with my boss, so that's good......apparently they still have one more person to check with before rolling out zee red carpet!?

WW - OP yesterday, dipped into my APs a bit, but that's okay, I'm still stressed, but nowhere near as bad as the past few weeks, and it showed in my urge to eat cr@p! So, I walked for 46 minutes yesterday at lunchtime, which felt great....and I did some gardening when I got home, but as I have so much work on my plate at the office, I opted to stay at work much longer than I had originally planned on and.....well........I didn't do what I had hoped to do.

Today and tomorrow will be much the same....lunchtime walk today for sure, some gardening when I get home....and my niece and her dbf will be coming for supper around 7pm, so I need to prep some food! It's going to be easy stuff though, so that will be nice. BBQd chicken breast, baked potato, grilled veggies, and some fresh asparagus from the garden.......a bit of sour cream for the tater and all is good.

Tomorrow is going to be brutal at work - huge meeting and then working late, and then having to go to visitation for a friend's father who passed away suddenly on Monday night....I'll stay at work until 6:30 and meet up with Tony at the funeral home - otherwise, it's a wasted hour home and back to the no APs at all for me tomorrow.

Friday - ahhhhh the weekend approaches, so my APs will ramp up - my horse and my bike will be ridden this weekend - no excuses at all about either and then add a ton of APs for gardening on top.

I'll be back if I hear something positive about the job today.


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