Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday - ahhhh.....

Tony got the hot tub installed on Wednesday and we got in it yesterday morning at 6:15am before I went to work, because it was too freakin' cold on Wednesday night. Last night, he surprised me with a bottle of champagne to christen the tub with and celebrate my new job...very nice evening indeed.

So, on the weight-loss front, I know this week I haven't made the best choices on a consistent basis....much better than in past weeks, but not great choices at all.....but I am tracking, which is is day 19 of tracking, so I'm feeling that I'm learning things about what choices I make when I'm rushed.......

I threw my back out on Sunday afternoon, so haven't done any movement much at all this week. Still have to finish planting my gardens......still want to get back on my horse and ride on Sunday.....the pool yard is almost finished (concrete poured around the pool on Monday), so as soon as this rain disappears, it's back in there to put everything back together the way it should be.

Plans for the weekend: Saturday - its supposed to rain cats and dogs.....if my back is up to it, I'll get on the treadmill and my elliptical and do a workout on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, will be gardening, mucking out the horse, and opefully riding!

Next week, back to the regularly scheduled programming.....which is to get my @rse back to zee gym, pronto, without excuses.

Need to work on water.....water, and water.

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  1. sounds like you are doing well my friend, and a hot tub and champane...perfect evening!
    Keep up the great work and get that water in....look the pot calling the kettle black :-)
    I've been doing better though, with the morning runs it's helped to get most of my water in by the time my morning officially starts!
    have a great weekend