Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Tuesday and I'm Tired!

Okay, so frost is evil....especially if you farm for a living.....so Sunday night, Tony and I were up all night moving pipes and the watering system from one field to the next....we had a very hard freeze, but I think we may have saved our sweetcorn! Most of it anyway.....certainly didn't want to lose the first two whole weeks worth!

I got up at 3am this morning as my youngest daughter had a field trip that was leaving their school at 4! They're off to Quebec City.....stopping in Montreal this afternoon then off to Quebec City for the night.....back on Saturday.

I had round #2 of interviews today - which I do think went well.

I'm tired, I'm at work, I want my bed!

backing up to a few minutes after my post last week - the phone call no mother ever wants to get - my oldest daughter called to say they had been in a car accident and that her sister was being sent to Emerge in an ambulance. Thankfully only bruises from the airbags......not my daughter's fault at all........the car; however, is toast. Poor Alex.....this was her car for univeristy....now she has no wheels- aack! Love my girls and so relieved they are both okay.

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  1. Laura, sorry to read about the accident, glad that everyone is ok.
    I have missed you my friend, but I understand that you are soooooo busy!
    Glad that the next interview went well.
    hang in there, and get some rest, looks like you have been working really hard.
    bye for now