Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm back again!

So, haven't posted in a whole week.

Job interview went very well.....there's a second round that I've heard nothing about yet.....I'm perfectly fine with all of it - if I get offered the new job - great. If not, I have a good job, so I'll get over my disappointment fairly quickly I think.

Now that that particular stress is out of my face, I need to refocus on me - again. I keep trying - false start after false start......got an e-mail from my great friend Tiggie yesterday and she TOLD me to carve an hour for me out of each day......(we TELL each other things all the time!)....so today, I'm going to take my full lunch hour and either walk or get out to the gym. Haven't decided which yet......but I will do one or the other, I PROMISE......and then, I'll come back here and announce success! She's one of my greatest inspirations!

I also got a couple of very supportive notes from Syl - you're awesome girl!

Okay, so have a few things I need to get done - some of them I want to do, some not so much, so I figure if I make a list on here, then I can come back and tell everyone how I did!

1. Get to the gym 3 times this week OR go for a 45 minute walk three times.
2. Do the Shred on Wednesday AND Saturday, Sunday and Monday (I won't get to the gym any of these days because of my schedule).
3. Ride my horse at least twice this weekend.
4. Track every single morsel that goes into my mouth and stop finding quick fixes....they're only adding tonnage to my waist!

There, so it is written, so it shall be done!

To quote my cute little friend, Yoda:

"Do or don't do - there is NO try"

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