Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm feeling really good about my weekend. Been back OP for 4 whole entire days and tracking! Down 2 lbs in only those 4 days, so my WI yesterday said 167 (again.....but this time, for the last time!). Worked so hard physically this weekend that last night I was honestly exhausted - physically....and it felt FABULOUS!

Syl - thanks for your thoughts of running on gravel - it certainly explains (duh, why hadn't I figured it out before) why when I start running I struggle so much with it - I run on a sand laneway and gravel in a few weeks when I start up again (when things on the farm quieten down and before sweet corn season is upon us again), I will keep that in mind and do more walking as I gear up - ie more walking, less running intervals.

Thanks Syl!

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