Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rewind, Review, Reboot?! Work....

Things are going okay in my world. 

Work on the farm - It's the end of yet another farm season and my love is working through his stressful season much better than he usually does.  My farm-related responsibilities are wrapping up as well....still have some financial stuff to deal with, but am getting there.

Work at the university is crazy as it always is, and I have a new opportunity right in front of me that I'm working through......more on that eventually, once I know what direction I'll be taking.

Work on me....well, as always it's a "work in progress" - but at least it's on my TO DO list and I am making slow progress.

This week - I'm getting yard work done and putting various things away for the fall.....sad, but let's face it, with the frost we got yesterday morning, this is definitely the beginning of the end for this coming growing season.....bbq season, etc.  What I'm trying to say is that I have not made time to get back to the gym at this point, instead, I'm working out in the gardens! 

I think the gym will see me retuning next week.  Next week is October......nice new page on the calendar to fill up with good-for-me items.

Work on my menus - that will improve over the next week or so as well, with more time to dedicate to being creative.  I'm eating as cleanly as I can, following WW's healthy guidelines and doing not too badly.

Work on tackling on-going stress in general.....well, as always, it's at the bottom of my list.  Once I knock a few of the top items off, I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to possibly put it at the top.

Weight loss is moving at an incredibly slow pace....but at least the scale is actually starting to move again.

Working on water this week.......and tracking.......and stopping to smell the "roses" that are still in the garden.

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