Tuesday, September 18, 2012

......and, it's a wrap!

Yes, corn season is finally O*V*E*R!

This is such a relief, though it's with mixed feelings as I love corn season - exhausting and overwhelming as it is!

So, what's on deck for the rest of September?

1.  Take care of my sore muscles/bruises from a slip/fall I had over a week ago while putting one of the corn trailers on the truck.  Nothing broken, just a bit bruised and banged up.......and SORE!  Still walking a lot (yesterday) and today as it's raining, likely will do a stretching/Pilates workout.  Slowly and gently.

2.  Get back to the gym once #1 above has resolved itself - I figure next week - back to my old regular schedule which was Tues/Thurs and Sat or Sun. 

3.  C25K.  Again, once #1 above has been taken care of.

4.  Clean eating - already on that!  Water is something I could likely drink more of, so this week am focusing on getting MORE than 8 glasses in me.

5.  Purging.........clothing that no longer fits, my sewing area, the office.

6.  Finishing - all of those UFOs around my house.

7..........Taking time to BREATHE!

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