Monday, May 16, 2011

More Monday Madness!

Anyone have an ark? I am so fed up with all of this rain....but I am very thankful that it's nowhere near as bad as it is for so many other folks out there - in the West, in the East and in the States.

I had heard a rumour that it's going to be a wickedly hot and dry summer.......all I can say is "bring it on!"

Had a difficult emotional weekend and turned to way off my 17DD plan. I decided to go to my WW tracker and track the damage anyway, and guess what? I'm a-Okay per WW's guidelines - got all of my Healthy Guidelines met, was within my points (okay so I ate all my APs and FPs - have 2 FPs left - good thing I worked out a lot last week!), and my water was stellar too.

Things I've learned - or reconfirmed, I guess would be a better way of putting it - I feel physically better when I eat few or no carbs. I feel better when I eat clean foods......and so much so that I am sometimes tempted to shout it from the rooftops!?

Back on the 17DD this morning - looking forward to the bloat from the carbs to leave the building.

Happy Monday!

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