Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Madness!

Okay, so work is a little stressful right now....that's an understatement! So please forgive me if I don't get on here very often.....

Worked out with the trainer again on Thursday last week - wow! More squats, more core......and I did the same routine at home yesterday. Thankfully, my new trainer listens! She has been doing workouts with equipment that I have at home, so I CAN add in at least one extra workout at home.

Two of our children have moved into their own homes now, so I now have a "guest" room. I've been reorganizing that extra room so it not only houses the extra bed, but also houses my exercise stuff - stability ball, bosu ball, bands, yoga mat. I've been making a shopping list....need a mirror to mount on the wall.......oh, and note to self - move the hand weights in there will you!?

Our magnificient Magnolia tree is almost in full bloom - I'm going to make a point of taking some photos of it this evening so I can share them with you. With all of the awful weather we've been having this spring, it's nice to see that Mother Nature doesn't plan on freezing the blooms off as she does so many year!

Happy Monday!


  1. Great to hear from u and thanks for comment even more now knowing u are so busy

  2. Happy Monday to you too! My mother estimates that the blooms of things are about three weeks later than last year. So, it's not just my imagination that spring it taking forever to come. But today was a good day so that's nice.