Monday, May 2, 2011


Beginning of the week - the start of new things

1. Today is the first Monday in May
2. Today I restarted the 17DD Cycle 1 - because I feel great when I follow this eating program (and bonus - I lose weight).
3. I'm down yet another lb this week yet again.
4. The sun is peeking out.
5. I get my first full-body workouts this week with my new trainer.
6. I'm having a hairitude adjustment after work on Wednesday.
7. My greenhouse is popping and my first set of plants are ready to be transplanted (after work today I think).
8. I can pull out my mower and ride around like a made woman (as opposed to shovelling snow).
9. One of my fave pairs of dress pants are TOO BIG! That makes two pairs in two weeks! YAY!
10. Because of #9, likely later this week, I'll be able to comfortably wear my summer capris!

I feel great!


  1. Sunshine you sound like you in a very happy place :)

  2. Laura, you are really embracing this new way of eating and its so great to hear how excited and motivated it is making you. WTG girl, keep up the great work!