Monday, September 13, 2010

FINALLY! Corn Season is OVER!

Can you hear how super excited that made me? More like super exhausted......

So, today is my day (or should I say evening) off anything I SHOULD be doing and I'm only going to do stuff I WANT to do.

Likely, I'll be bonding with my horse - cleaning out her stall and run, which means LOTS of very hard work!

Tomorrow morning, the plan unfolds:

Tuesday & Thursday
- 6am - 30-day Shred
- 4pm - Gym - yes, me, back at the gym!

Wednesday & Friday
- 6am - 30-day Shred
- Noon - aquafit at the rec centre

This weekend will be adventures in finding my gardens from amongst the weeds, bartending two weddings, and chillaxin'!

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