Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Plan for Success

Want to share something here. I often feel like a failure. I try (sometimes too hard and set the bar too high).....I don't finish = failing.

So, I'm working on turning my life around - personal relationships, work and career aspirations, and mostly about taking care of me. Dealing with mind clutter, dealing with stress, dealing with food, dealing with getting enough exercise.......bottom line - taking care of me.

Years ago (about 7 years now) when I first joined WW, I was very successful....I lost 28 lbs in 8 months and managed to keep them off for close to 2 years. I gained back about 5 lbs and managed to maintain that again for the same period. Then I let stress win, I let a boatload of ridiculous commitments win, and yes, I lost....or maybe I should say gained - weight. Pretty much back to where I started.

This past few months, let's say 6 - I've had a few glimpses of the old me....the one who was focused and determined, but continuous stress just keeps getting to me.

What I have accomplished is:

1. lost 19 lbs since mid February and kept them off.
2. embraced clean eating (most of the time) by following 17DDieting as much as I can.
3. given myself permission to be human - yes, I do still indulge in things that are not good for me, but not anywhere near as often as I used to.
4. taking care of myself physically - I always go for my annual checkups, dental checkups, etc.....but the muscular/structural parts of me have needed serious overhaul. I recommitted to going to the gym in early summer, but then farm work sidelined me for a while. I've been back working out regularly with my trainer for a month now and I'm starting to feel better......makes me realize that I AM WORTH THIS. I DESERVE THIS. So, putting the hard work in is now super important.

Earlier this morning I was e-mailing my trainer......and looking at which of my fave blogs had recently posted. Mousearoo had posted a list of what has made her successful in her quest.....WOW, I can relate to so much of what she wrote. Thanks Mousie.

So, to use the old addage - today is the first day of the rest of MY life - how about yours?


  1. Thanks for commenting, Morning Glory turned one on Nov. 4. He started walking a week before that too.

    You are doing a great job to not be giving up!

  2. How are things going Laura? Just checking in on you ;-)