Monday, April 4, 2016


Yep - it's reboot-my-life time!

I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself for much too long now.  It's stopping T*O*D*A*Y.
I can't keep waiting for a sign, a clue, and ignoring the warnings - like my waistbands, the lack of clothes in my close that actually fit me, etc.

I meet with a trainer/functional fitness coach two weeks ago and have done little with the information she's given me.

Today is reboot day - the replan the plan day.

So, first up:

WATER - going to shoot for as much as I can comfortably do today - but as it's already 2pm, it might be a bit shy of what it should be for a full day.  That doesn't matter.  The fact is that as of right this minute, I'm going to fill up and drink!

FOOD - I've been doing quite well on the clean eating front for the past 2.5 weeks - however, when I have a "fail" day, it's only due to my "failure to plan!"

EXERCISE - I will be implementing the workout routine my trainer has given me effective tomorrow afternoon after work.

That's it....simple.....

Now, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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