Monday, April 18, 2016

Rebooting - The Final One, I Swear!

In this weight-loss, taking better care of me, redeveloping the physical part of my life....blah, blah, blah....I could go on........reboot, I believe that I truly hit rock bottom last week.  Deeper rock bottom than I've ever succumed to.

This weekend was interesting - the weather is warmer, the sun is out and I feel reinvigorated.  Ready to tackle the world! we go!  Join me as I succeed on this journey:

1.  Tracking on MFP and posting on WW boards daily.
2.  Planning every*single*thing* that goes into my mouth.
3.  Planning and executing more formal physical activity (yes, working out!).
4.  Ensuring I put in 2-3 hours of gardening/chillaxin' in our amazing yard daily.......
5.  Continuing to get enough sleep.
6.  Pushing my water intake!

That's I go :)

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