Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 - The Incredible Year of "Me!"

First - Happy New Year to everyone out there in blogland! I have to say I enjoyed my time away from the office and am somewhat refreshed, though so many tasks lie ahead of me at this point...that said, there is a plan....lots of plans in the works to tackle projects at the office. On a personal level, I have taken some time out of my ridiculously busy life to make some room for me. In 2015 the following are on the radar: 1. MFP and a new challenge group I was lucky enough to be invited to join - today is day 2 and I've already learned something. 2. Fitness - well, enough already (yeah, I've written this before). It's time. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Being a dizzy broad a lot of the time (thank*you*very*much*Meniere's!), it can be hard to stick to a predetermined schedule as I never know when a dizzy event will crop up. HOWEVER, it's not an excuse to throw in towels (yeah, I said towelS)....it's time to plan and if I can't do something one day, keep with the plan and pick up when my head is clearer. Back working out....and doing the best I can. 3. Water - essence of life. I'm drinking it - a lot! 4. Eating clean - supported by #1, #2, #3 - well, they are work together and clean eating for me is a life changer with the dizzy thing. 5. Time for MOI! I used to paint, quilt, cross stitch, knit, etc. I'm finally getting back to it. My kids gave me money for Christmas and I've replenished my art supply collection - going to start back with watercolours and pen & ink work.....then perhaps some oils. I've revamped my craft/sewing area (read purged, cleaned, organized) and it is now a positive spot in the house where I can go and just nurture my inner artiste! Anyway, blathering away here - I feel positive.......2015 is the year that I reach goal......

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