Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm back!!!?

Yeah, seriously, where have I been exactly? I visited Denial.... I got married - or I should say WE got married - most amazing day of my life, seriously....I'll share a few pics in a day or two! So back to the business of getting healthy, svelt, and feeling good in my own skin I bought a Fitbit - love it, though not using it as I should. I keep saying - "oh, next Monday" or "after I submit the budgets....." you get the picture. So, instead, I decided to come back here, for accountability. I decided to get back to the gym this coming Saturday (not delaying the inevitable by two days, just planning and leading up to the "grand return!"). I'll be honest, I feel like crap.....I'm eating healthily 50-60% of the time and that's just not good enough. So, Saturday, gym.....rinse repeat - going to hit the gym before work 3 days each week and once each weekend. Friday.....stock up on healthy foods for the fridge...... ....use the Fitbit in conjunction with MyFitnessPal My mission: feel like a success by feeling good in my skin.

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