Friday, July 2, 2010

Finally! Garden Photos for your Viewing Pleasure

Now, remember....I've been working really hard on these.....and I have 4.5 acres of lawn and gardens, so lots of them aren't quite finished yet! But I'm getting there!

This is a new garden under the cedars along the edge of the yard looking out over a soybean field.

More hostas under the lilac trees

Another view from under the cedars:

One of my favourites!

The biggest hosta ever - Sum & Substance (I forgot to put sunscreen on this puppy!)

This is part of the garden I refer to as "the Beast!" It's about 60' long and is just chock full of the spring, first you get the tulips, closely followed by the irises and bright orange poppies....then things get a bit out of control and I jump in with both feet to tame the beast! Should have it all finished and a ton of annuals dropped in for continuous colour by the end of the weekend. This will be THE FIRST year that I won the battle too!

Bam was helping me this morning!
The new front porch - not quite finished, but getting there......jacuzzi anyone?

One of my favourite gardens - in the spring, gorgeous irises, white icelandic poppies come after the black tulips and purple grape hyacinth....then the lillies and delphiniums.....and of course annuals to sustain colour. Shortly - pink coneflowers and dinner-plate sized hibiscus! (I just noticed I posted this one twice! Oooops....but remember, it is my favourite!

A closer look at the lillies!

Lillies from another part of the garden next to the porch

...and more because they last such a short time!

The firepit.....WIP again (grass seed going down today) - this view taken from the pool gate

A bit of whimsy à la Recycle Reuse!

The shady side of the pool yard

Giant Halcion hostas

More hostas: generic bicolour, May and Lemon Lime

Strip Tease!

Top to bottom - Seafire, small Halcyon, Strip Tease and June!

You likely have noticed that I have LOTS of perennials.....and that hostas are my favourite.....and I have a penchant for lillies.......well, a confession - I think I have 40 or 50 hostas.......and likely 30 varieties of's a list of those that are top of mind:
1. Sum & Subtance! THE biggest
2. Giant blue Halcyons (I have two giant varieties)
3. Small blue Halcyon
4. My smallest hosta is called Quilting Bee
5. Whirwind
6. Gold Standard
7. Green Silky
8. Ginko Craig
9. Brim Cup
10. Lemon Lime
11. May
12. June
13. Janet
14. Seafire
15. Strip Tease
16. Spilled Milk
17. Shade Finale
18. Pineapple upside-down cake
19. Oooo La La!
20. Christmas Eve
21. White Christmas
I know there are more....these are the only ones that jumped out at me this morning!

Well, the garden is calling! I'll post more photos again in a week or so as things progress and colours change again!

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  1. Wow!! Such beautiful gardens; and so much hard work. Look like heaven:)