Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lighter in heart AND weight

turfed 2 of the dreaded added five to the curb already....yes I am peeking at the scale this week, but I need to stay focused and get back to where I was pre-vacataion STAT!

Last night spent 3.5 hours rearranging our fridges....came home from vacation on Sunday and realized that my good kitchen fridge is now on its last legs....and my "beer" fridge was cleaned and moved from the mudroom and restocked...and the offending fridge moved into the mud room (where it's cooler so it won't have to work as hard) and cleaned and restocked. Praying it lasts a few weeks/months, oh heck, years! But at least now it's not in the kitchen, I don't have to hear the droaning of the compressor!

Christmas shopping - well, apparently Syl doesn't want to help me! (so sad.......)......I now have a half-baked plan in the works....have to get a load of Christmas baking done between now and the 22nd, buy/wrap all gifts, and buy/wash/cut out/sew 9 pairs of PJ bottoms all by the 22nd! Oh, right and work until Friday!

Today at lunch will be spent making up zee list so I don't miss anything.

Then into survival mode!

Can't eat cr@p if I'm running around like a freak, right? The rest of that five lbs will be gone in no time!

Have a fabulous day my friends!

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