Friday, January 24, 2014

The Dress....The Planning.....Happiness!

I'm so excited!  Well and truly excited! 

This past Monday evening, my wedding planner friend and I went check out linens and figure out some colour schemes for the wedding.....I'm an earthy person, wanted to keep it "peaceful" in colour.  We ended up with Fuchsia and Silver - it's stunning!  Picture white tent in a green field....definitely needed colour to make it pop!

Then we went on to the Bridal Store.  Me, at 53, thinking, okay, I have to do this but there is no way I'm going to be wearing a bridal gown.  So, dress #19 out of 21, well, I tried #1 on twice and #19 on three times.......and I bought it!  No, I'm not going to show pics - yet - I have a before pic or six in me it, complete with back-butt (above the back of the dress) and THAT is my motivation to lose some weight before the wedding and firm this shit up!  Seriously.  The dress fits the way it is, but I'd like to lose 10-15 before the big day.  My first fitting is late March/early April - the dress can be taken in at least one size, so I'm going to continue on this weight journey, and keep doing it smart - I'm eating clean, tracking everything on MFP, and will be reintroducing formal exercise when I'm in Florida at the beginning of February.

Work is stressful - volume of work to be done yesterday is ridiculous, so I am working all weekend so that my mind can be clear of work stress when we hit the road next Wednesday.

I will be posting pics from Florida, that is a promise!

Other wedding planning:

1.  DJ is booked
2.  Linens are booked and deposit paid
3.  Caterer - well, they were booked, like last July, but now apparently they booked two other events on the same day and are unsure?  I've left that with DF to figure out.....this is not okay, less than six months out.  Hopefully this will be resolved today.
4.  Photographer - friend from work is on board - she's amazing.
5.  Music for ceremony and cocktail hour - also booked - string quartet - another friend from work.
6.  My dress - done and done.
7.  My daughters are walking me down the aisle and my step children are standing up for their father.  Still need to figure their dresses out and what DF and his son are wearing (something to look into in Florida!).
8.  Who is marrying us?  WIP - I think we've got it nailed down!
9.  Florist is booked - need to speak with my friend in the greenhouse business about planters for the big day - I'm doing my own planters, but I need her to do my hanging baskets.
10.  Picking up invitations this weekend - DYI - these will go out mid February

Lots of other stuff on the go as well - one day at a time!


  1. You are getting MARRIED!!! Congrats!!!!!!

    1. OMG. I have missed you! I tried to find you in blog land just the other day....hope you and the boys are doing well!?

      Yes, after all these years, we are finally doing it!