Monday, November 15, 2010

A new week....and continuation

Repeat, do it again, keep on going, don't stop now, don't throw in the kind of get it, eh? Well, I have been working out at home, sometimes at the gym, making sure I'm doing something 5-6 days per week. I've been careful about what I'm eating (though too many carbs are part of my diet again) - even though I'm on WW and I'm tracking, I'm not losing weight...well, I'm losing a bit, then it stops, or slows down to a dribble.......f*r*u*s*t*r*a*t*i*n*g!

I know what's got me in a is just absolutely well, ridiculous.

Tony and I are going to Cuba in less than two weeks......I week away from the computer is just what I need....away from my blackberry....away from "inquiring minds who just want to know ...well something that I know."

I need to relax......and am still struggling on how one actually does that.

My day at a time.......I will get there....nice and slowly.

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